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School Building Project


The Governors have a strategic plan for improving our school environment.  This is split into phases:


Phase 1 & 2 - Completed in August 2009 at a cost of £575,000. 

  • New Reception and Year 1 Classes, cloakrooms and toilets (see photo of the new outdoor areas in Reception and Year 1 below)

  • Year 5 Classroom

  • Music Room

  • Group Room

  • New Staff Room

Phase 1 & 2 Photos


Phase 3a - Completed in January 2012 at a cost of approx. £400,000

  • New school entrance
  • Key Stage 2 toilets
  • Library
  • New offices
  • External courtyard area

Download a copy of the plans

Phase 3a Photos

Phase 3b - Year 3 & 4 Classrooms


Phase 3b - Completed September 27th 2013 at a final cost of £106,000

  • Rebuild Year 3 and Year 4 cloakrooms

  • Enlarge Year 3 and Year 4 classrooms


Phase 4 (subject to future funding)

  • Remove Year 2 toilets and storage rooms to provide an extension to the school hall

  • New Key Stage 1 group room

If you haven't already done so, please join the School's Voluntary Contribution Scheme to help us acheive our plans.  The school has to fund 10% of these building works, and £2.50 per family per month really makes a difference. 
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