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Swale/Derwent Archery Festival - 1st team winner

Calder/Ouse Cycling Festival - Ouse girls winners



Swimming Gala - 4th place, through to Harrogate Final

Boys Calder/Ouse Football - 2nd in Knaresborough qualifier -through to Harrogate final

Sports Hall Athletics - 1st place in Knaresborough qualifier - through to Harrogate final



Sportshall  Athletics - Harrogate Champions for 2nd year in a row

Boys Calder/Ouse Football Finals - 4th

KS1 Agility Festival

Girls Football - 3rd in Harrogate Final






Harrogate Sports Partnership Calder/Ouse Swimming Gala 

Sports Hall Athletics Derwent/Swale - Knaresborough winners



Gymnastics - 2nd place in Knaresborough, qualified for Harrogate Final

Tag Rugby - Harrogate qualifier A team unbeaten through to the Harroagte District Final

Gymnastics Harrogate Final - Calder/Ouse finished 3rd

Sports Hall Athletics Final - North Yorkshire Champions!



Quick Sticks Hockey - 2 teams 1st & 7th

Quick Sticks Hockey Final - 4th

Cross Country - 8 children in North Yorkshire Final, Dominic & Therese came 7th

Derwent Intra-House Cricket

Calder Intra-House Goalball



Tag Rugby Final - 2nd in Harrogate & District Final

Wharfe - Intra-House Mixed Football Tournament



Calder/Ouse Netball- 3 teams in Knaresborough qualifier

Tri-Golf - Harrogate round- qualifier - Joint 1st place

Tri-Golf- Harrogate District Final - 2nd place, qualified for North Yorkshire Final



Quad Kids - 3 year group teams, finished 4th place

Calder/Ouse - Cricket, 2 teams in Harrogate event

Tennis - Team A 1st place Team B 2nd place, qualified for Harrogate finals

Kwik Cricket - Swale/Derwent - 3rd in group stages

Orienteering - Derwent, Calder & Ouse, Derwent boys 2nd, Calder boys & girls 1st place

Tennis Finals - 1st place through to the North Yorkshire Finals

North Yorkshire Tennis Finals - Champions!

Outdoor Athletics - Swale 2nd place, Derwent 3rd place, Calder 3rd place & Ouse 1st place

Derwent/Calder Tennis



Ouse/Calder Girls Football- Ouse 1st place & Calder 4th place

Tri -Golf - North Yorkshire finals - 4th place

Hand Ball Festival - Derwent - 1st place


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